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Mary Osgood

Hi Jen and Jane,
So I was invited to spend 3 days at a XC clinic last weekend with several friends here in Phoenix. A group of 7 was traveling from Phoenix to Galway Downs, CA. It sounded like soooo much fun! Lots of good schooling XC opportunities. The social pressure was high to participate, but I just wasn't feeling it was the best thing for me to do...and then I read this blog article! That was the answer - I had only jumped my new horse 3 times in a stadium arena and was not completely comfortable yet. My goals for the next 3 mos. are to get confident in the stadium arena before taking it to XC jumping (Jen, talk about "unrealistic expectations"!). So...why am I considering this expensive $600 weekend in CA??? Because I was being 'seduced' with the fun and social element, not the 'goal' piece. So when I told my friends that the weekend was too early for me, and it did not support my 3-6 mos. goals...they all said "oh, I totally get that...I understand". Thanks, Jane, for this article..all I can say now is "duuuhhhhh"!


Jen - Congrats on the compliment from Bill (re: 2nd level!) Yes, it's so easy to get "caught up" as you say, and also, so easy to coast along with no plan and not push yourself just enough toward a sense of accomplishment. Hope the PDF on Reflections and Projections helped. Watch for the next step of "Training Calendars" in a post within the next week. :-) Jane


This is a terrific article! After a few years of showing the same horse, you would think I would be good at this sort of planning by now. But, it's so easy to get caught up in the idea of showing and unrealistic expectations. The other end of the spectrum is not challenging yourself enough. I think it's good to have a game plan for the season but to remain flexible as the months pass and not be too hard on yourself if you need to refine or scale back things. Took Grazia to Brandywine for a couple lessons. Bill thinks I should absolutely be showing the mare 2nd level. But, I know how difficult she can be and how tough a show situation can be. We will start at 1st and see how it goes.


Hi Sue,
Your right - That's by design. It's meant to either be printed, or use your mouse to highlight the questions and then copy and paste them to a word document or body of an email to me! I'll look them over for you! Let me know if that works. Cheers, Jane

Susan Schmidt

I can't type on the pdf. Me? My computer?


Did anyone else have trouble with making sure your goals were "relevant & realistic"? This is my most difficult one.

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