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What an awesome way to explain this—now I know evreytihng!


Karen, yes, great question! I can help Savannah create a calendar that will help her with her goals. Contact me and we can create a plan that matches her schedule, her horse's personality and fitness needs as well as her show and clinic schedule. (

Karen Ruhs

Thanks for the wonderful suggestions and the training calendar template. Savannah's goal is to ride in 5 of the registered HTs this year at novice level. Do you have any calendars that support a rider who can only get to the barn three days a week and rides at the novice eventing level?


Great ideas Jen! Thanks for sharing. Tracking both the work you're doing AND the expenses in one place is a great idea. Most important is to create a system that works for you day to day.


Thanks for this! I have created a "journal" for both my horses with a calendar in it for each month. The page next to the calendar is lined so that I can make more detailed notes if something important happens on a given day. I keep track of what days the horses are ridden, whether I do it or the trainer, and any milestones achieved. It helps me keep track of the work along with how much I'm spending on training. I created it online and had it printed and sent to me.

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